XERO Bookkeeping

In the bookkeeping world, we specialise in online, web-based record-keeping, using predominantly Xero Online accounting package.

Xero, the world’s easiest to use online accounting software, lets small and medium-sized business owners see their finances in real-time.

XERO bookkeeping is the ultimate solution for busy small business owners whose productivity and profitability depends on focusing on core income-generating activities. And when you combine the incredible power of XERO with the efficiency and dedication of Vanguard Bookkeeping, you have a partnership that will see your business realise prosperity that you may not have dared to imagine.

Why would you engage an ‘online bookkeeper’?

The reasons are many and excellent. And further down the page, we’ll enlighten you as to why you should choose XERO to keep your business running smoothly.

Safe and secure

Vanguard Bookkeeping offers remote online accounting services with bank-grade security so you never have to worry about the safety of your data. Xero security has never been breached, data has never been lost – your sensitive information has never been safer.

Save time

No need to travel to meet with your bookkeeper or set aside time for us to come to you. Thanks to XERO online accounting software, all our collaboration can be conducted via Skype, email or Google Chat, Google Drive.  It’s an incredibly efficient way to get to the point quickly so everyone can return to normal duties. And while we’re talking, we can exchange documents and notes and discuss specific elements of your bookkeeping, right there in real time.

Wherever, whenever

You could be at the airport waiting for a plane or lying in a hammock at your holiday house. Something comes up with your business and you need to urgently discuss it. No problem! With XERO your data is ‘in the cloud’, meaning all is available  wherever you have  anInternet connection. And Vanguard Bookkeeping – with your permission – can access it at the same time as you. Thanks to XERO’s automatic backup function, you never have to be concerned that your data isn’t up to date.

As little or as much help as you want

You might prefer to be pretty hands-on with your bookkeeping or you might want to hand it all over; Vanguard Bookkeeping can help with all your data entry processes through to preparing your BAS or you might want us only to generate your accounting reports. You only pay for the services you need!

Already sold on XERO bookkeeping but want someone to do the extra tasks for you? Call us today on 1300 556 304.

So why XERO?

Where do we start? XERO is so powerful, so intuitive and so user-friendly that we don’t know why any small business owner would choose any other way to manage their accounts.

User-friendly: If you can send an email, you can use XERO. Your data is backed up automatically so you don’t even have to worry about it. XERO integrates securely with your bank accounts and imports all the transactions you would normally need to enter manually. You can even have it integrate with your CRM, inventory control, online shopping cart and other payment gateways. So simple, you’ll hardly believe your eyes!

Portable: XERO bookkeeping is not a program; it’s a cloud-based system meaning that your data is online and can be accessed from wherever you are; all you need is an Internet connection. Send invoices before leaving clients’ premises, check if payments have come in before starting work or view your up-to-the-minute financial position. Do it all from your car, home, client’s office or even while you’re on an overseas getaway. XERO is compatible with your desktop PC or Mac, laptop, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry or Android tablet or smartphone … it goes where you do.

File storage: Aside from the data you enter – e.g. bills and invoices – you can even store, right within XERO, scanned documents such as important contracts, source documents, lease/mortgage papers, insurance policies, staff PAYG forms and anything else pertaining to your business’s accounts. Imagine a truly paperless office. No dusty basements stuffed with mouldy, silverfish infested archive boxes to search through and no problems with faded thermal paper faxes and receipts. Retrieving images is fast and easy. This solution satisfies ATO record-keeping requirements.

Your data is always safe: Because XERO automatically saves your data as you work, you and your staff never have to remember to perform backups. Your data is safely stored ‘in the cloud’ using bank-grade encryption and security. The only people who can access your information are those for whom you grant explicit authority, via password. And if you ever lose your smartphone or your laptop, or your offices are flooded or burnt, your data will remain 100% intact and accessible. You’ll never suffer that kind of interruption to the running of your business.

Real time collaboration:  Unlike desktop accounting software, there are no headaches with tracking custody of the most current version your data file. Any time you or anyone you authorise logs on, the data is up to date to the second. If you need to discuss your accounts with another person such as your business partner, your accountant or Vanguard Bookkeeping, even though you are not in the same place, XERO makes it possible. You can even make changes as you discuss them and they will be instantly reflected for all who are logged on to see. Unlike many alternative online accounting services, Xero accounting enables collaboration with unlimited staff and trusted advisors at no extra cost.

Real savings: Because XERO integrates with your other tools including your banking, CRM, shopping cart and payment gateways, it spares you a great deal of data entry. Its report generation is efficient and easy; instead of wasting time trying to figure out your financial position, log in and gain an at-a-glance understanding within seconds. XERO reduces the time and expense involved in maintaining your financial records and lets you spend more time on building your business.

With initial guidance, you can fly through your XERO bookkeeping in a fraction of the time that you would spend using other accounting software.

How to work with Vanguard Bookkeeping and XERO

We can set you up with the right XERO bookkeeping package for YOUR business and work with you to whatever extent you choose. Here’s how to get started:

Step 1: During a complimentary 1-hour initial consultation (valued at $375), we conduct a needs assessment to gain an understanding of your current business process and reporting requirements. We especially want to know about your ‘pain points’ and how Vanguard Bookkeeping can remove them.

Step 2: Within 24-48 hours, we will provide you a written proposal listing our understanding of how your business operates and how we can best help you.

Step 3: If you decide to accept our proposal, we will begin! If you’re already using XERO bookkeeping, excellent! If not, we will get you set up and running.

Remember, you decide how much or how little help you want from us and we’ll be happy to oblige. The scope of our engagement can be as flexible as your needs – so  you only pay for the services you need.

Spare yourself the time, money, frustration and difficulties of handling your business accounting any other way.

To get started with XERO bookkeeping call 0419 913 355 or Contact us, or if you prefer you can go straight to the free trial by clicking the Xero logo above.