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Being in business is tough. It can feel very isolating, meeting deadlines and obligations, managing cash flow, hiring and firing and so on. As a business owner, you’ve identified what you do best … you produce or sell specific goods – or you provide a range of services – for which consumers are willing to pay. What you may not be so good at is the enormous subset of duties required to keep your business moving forward. There’s marketing, there’s human resources, fleet management, real estate, IT, occupational health and safety and so many other responsibilities, that it’s no wonder business owners find themselves in a tailspin.

Bookkeeping is a common area that stalls many businesses. It can be extremely difficult to keep on top of the data entry, account for payments coming in and going out, chase overdue debtors, make sure the staff are paid on time and of course, keep the ATO happy.

So much more than a data entry service

Vanguard Bookkeeping goes beyond looking after the menial tasks that can drag you down. We take a holistic view of your business and from our vantage point, we can see areas that can be improved to make life so much easier for you. When you have us on your side providing business support, you’ll gain valuable insight into ways to improve your cash flow so you can breathe more easily. We’ll keep everything up to date for you, let you know if anything looks unusual and get all the required documentation to your accountant on time, every time.

Only pay for exactly what you need

And because you only pay us for the tasks we perform for you, it’s an extremely cost-effective solution. Instead of hiring someone to sit at a desk in your office so many hours per week and paying them sick leave, annual leave and perhaps even parental leave, you’ll find that our fees are incredibly affordable.

Remote bookkeeping

Our bookkeeping services are performed ‘in the cloud’ which means that everything is done via bank-strength, high-security software. It enables us to work with business owners Australia-wide. We recommend Xero but if you’re already happy with the accounting software package you’re using, we can still work with you. Remote bookkeeping means we can keep your books up to date in real time, without you having to be without your important documents while waiting for your books to be returned. If you’re comfortable with online banking, remote bookkeeping provides the same level of security and peace of mind.

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If you’re ready to discuss how Vanguard Bookkeeping can help you – wherever you’re located in Australia – simply give us a call on 0419 913 355.


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